Preventative AC Maintenance in Orlando

preventive maintenance

Why Choose a Preventative Maintenance Plan in Florida?

Regular service keeps quality performance up while holding operating costs down. This is the service philosophy you use with your vehicles, so why should your 暖通ca88会员中心积分 equipment be any different? As utility rates continue to rise, you’ll want to get the best mileage out of your system by keeping it running at peak efficiency.

Find a Plan to Suit Your Needs and Budget

Del-Air is proud to offer two popular maintenance packages. Choose the one that suits your particular needs, or call your Del-Air customer service representative today for a free consultation on the best package for you. View the checklist below to see which ones are applicable to each package.

Maintenance Plans

All Del-Air Maintenance Agreement customers receive a 15% Discount on All 修复s and Online Filter Purchases*



$119.95 ea. Add’l System/yr


$289.95 ea. Add’l System/yr
Visits Per Year 1x 2x
Clean Equipment Exterior
Flush and Vacuum Drain Line
Change or Wash Customer-supplied Filter
Brush out electrical cabinet
Check System for Proper Refrigerant Charge
Check Compressor and Fan Amperages
Check Capacitors
Check ca88手机版会员登录中心or Points
Check All Service Valves and Caps
Check Thermostat Operation and Mounting
Check Blower Amperages
Check Heat Strip Amperages
Check Evaporator Coil for Build Up
Check All Electrical Connections
Check Temperature Split
Check Float Switch Operation
Check Overall System Performance
Check Blower Wheel for Build Up
Preferred Scheduling
Clean Supply Plenum and Check for Air Leaks
Check and Clean Condensor Coil
Check and Clean Condensor Fan
Clean and Dust Return Air Grills
Drain Solve and Micro Ban (2x per year)
Indoor Air Quality Product Discount 5% 10%
Extended Warranty Discount (2 yrs old or less) 5% 10%
System Replacement Discount $200 off New AC system $500 off New AC system
Replacement Referral Gift Card $50 Gift Card $100 Gift Card

* Not good with any other offers

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The warm, humid climate in Florida is a constant throughout much of the year. Every home in the area needs a functional air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere. One of the key components within your AC is the air filter, which restricts particles from entering the unit and causing the efficiency to drop. Replacing your air filter is a key part of that maintenance process and why it’s so important to replace it often.


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Below is what would be included in a one time, non-maintenance agreement system’s check:

Maintenance Checklist

  1. Clean Equipment Exterior
  2. Flush and Vacuum Drain Line
  3. Change or Wash Customer-supplied Filter
  4. Brush out electrical cabinet
  5. Check System for Proper Refrigerant Charge
  6. Check Compressor and Fan Amperages
  7. Check Capacitors
  8. Check ca88手机版会员登录中心or Points
  9. Check All Service Valves and Caps
  10. Check Thermostat Operation and Mounting
  11. Check Blower Amperages
  12. Check Heat Strip Amperages
  13. Check Evaporator Coil for Build Up
  14. Check All Electrical Connections
  15. Check Temperature Split
  16. Check Float Switch Operation
  17. Check Overall System Performance
  18. Check Blower Wheel for Build Up

Take advantage of our top brands and affordable maintenance plans when you buy your air conditioning from Del-Air 加热, Air Conditioning and 管道!

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